Jonathan smiling at the camera while an image of Jonathan is in the top right corner showing his previously damaged teeth

Needs and treatment

Jonathan comes from a poor family in La Paz, Honduras. Poor diet and lack of access to dental care left Jonathan with teeth in such poor condition that they had to be removed and replaced with prosthetics.

When he came to the Sisters, they provided him with healthcare and dental care that has transformed his life. He now smiles with confidence!

“With respect to everything, including my medical and dental health, I have been treated very well, I feel better and now I can do things that I could not do before, like smiling with confidence in front of other people. Thanks to the dental care that the Sisters of Mary has offered me, I thank the Sisters, the medical staff of this institution and especially those who with their donations make it possible for us not to lack anything. Now I can have a big and confident smile to those whom I encounter. Thank you so much!”