Jocelyn - Sta Serafina, Guatemala Girlstown
Jocelyn - Sta Serafina, Guatemala Girlstown

Jocelyn is from the State of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

She has  no mother or father. Her mother died in childbirth and her father died in his sleep whilst she was still very young.  Jocelyn was sent to live with her aunt, who has 5 children, but it was a very deprived and neglected life and she struggled to overcome all the sadness and memories she had of her father during those few years she was with him.

Jocelyn had many hopes for her life and goals to achieve, among them was to be a great surgeon but she thought they would remain as unfulfilled dreams until the day she met the Sisters. She says ‘the dreams seemed too far for me until the great day I was able to come to Villa de las Niñas.

Jocelyn was able to join the school in Zona 13 in early 2020 and is in Sta. Serafina family. She loves school and all the new friends she has made in her school family. She likes to play, especially basketball,  to sing, speak in public to lead and represent a group. She is also devoted to her studies and thirsty for knowledge.

She says “the most important thing for me is to move myself and family forward with all this knowledge that they give me in the school. Everything I have learned about a family is at the school. Sta Serafina is a family for me where I enjoy companionship, coexistence, sharing the moments that each one of my classmates spend, learning from each one of them and especially from the sisters in charge, who are true mothers for us.

I heartfully thank the Sisters of Mary and all the benefactors who made this possible. What would be of me without them? I only have your help. A help I sincerely appreciate.