Picture of a boy on a blue background

I am Jhamir from the Sisters of Mary School Adlas, Philippines

“I am part of the St. Andrew Family now at school with the Sisters of Mary in Adlas.

I was born in Labnig, Malinao, Albay. I am the third son of eight children. My father became blind due to cataracts before I was born. Since we didn’t have financial support for his operation, my father lost hope of a cure. So, the entire family depends on the income of our mother. My elder brother was already married, the second was working part time in Manila.

At a very young age I realised that my family needed my help. I went to school with an empty stomach, without a proper school uniform, with few notebooks and a pen. Before going to school, we made crafts and on our way to the school we sold them  to have some money for  lunch.”

large group of boys
New boys being welcomed into school in Adlas, August 2022

The chance of a place at school

“Among the eight siblings, three of us were able to attend primary school but due to the lack of funds, one of us had to give up, so as the elder brother, I decided to stop for two years and let my younger siblings continue their studies while I worked in the fields.

I finished my schooling at the age of 15 and I did not think I could afford to study in high school.

A great privilege was given to me when your donations allowed me to became part of the family of the Sisters of Mary.

In the care of the Sisters, Jhamir is growing strong and excelling in his studies. He loves learning the vocational and technical skills taught at the school and is keen to learn everything he needs to find a good job when he leaves. He says “The Sisters boosted my self-esteem and taught me to be an independent person with good personality. I am very happy and proud for being part of the Sisters of Mary. I aim to become an accountant to help my family and those who are in need. I will be forever grateful.”