Headshot of Jessie in uniform against a dark blue background

My name is Jessie from the Sisters of Mary School, Adlas

Jessie is part of the St. Andrew Family and was welcomed into a place at the Sisters of Mary school this August. He had a turbulent early childhood.

“I am the youngest of eight children. My parents separated when I was six. My brothers and sisters helped me and  with the full support of my elder siblings I was able to have an early education. Before I left school I was certain that I couldn’t really proceed to further studies in high school due to the family’s situation and I was sad that I could not  achieve my dreams.

My teacher was so concerned about me that he introduced me to the Sisters of Mary and I was eventually able to join the Boys school in Adlas. Here I am moulded holistically. I am able to develop my self-confidence, self-esteem and healing. The Sisters have taught me how to become an independent and responsible person.

The Sisters of Mary made me believe that trials and hardships cannot be solved by giving up but by stepping forward in overcoming them with perseverance, acceptance, and courage. Moreover, the Sisters of Mary is not just a school but a home of virtues, knowledge and experiences. Here, I learned a lot of things and so I aim to pay back my heartfelt gratitude to them. Indeed I feel blessed and continue to try to be a blessing to others.