Jennifer stands in front of her family's home with her father and Sister Ascela

Early life

Jennifer is the third of five siblings. Her parents are both farmers and after they separated, her mother struggled to feed the family. Jennifer’s older brothers were forced to stop primary school so that they could work on the small farm to help provide food for the family.

Jennifer lives with her father in a small mud house without any electricity, which makes studying for school difficult.

She faced many struggles because of her family’s low income – including bullying from other children in her primary school. When her parents’ separated she faced the prospect of not being able to continue school because of their low income.

Jennifer stands in Kisarawe Girlstown grounds holding a backpack

Life at school

Jennifer met the Sisters of Mary when they visited her local area late last year. After visiting her home, the Sisters were moved by Jennifer’s difficulties and able to offer her a place at Kisarawe Girlstown.

Jennifer was overwhelmed to accept the offer and came to Kisarawe Girlstown in January 2024. Her ambition is to become a biology teacher one day, to help other children like her do well in school and have a better future.

“Since the first day of my stay at this school I was very happy because I like most the school and it has good and clean surroundings together with beautiful buildings and I am learning some skills.” (Jennifer).

“Thank you very much Sisters for your support, care and chance that you gave me to study in this beautiful school. ”

Jennifer Kisarawe Girlstown, Tanzania