Irena standing beside the Brazilian embassy logo

In the Philippines Irenea was the eldest of eight children.

Her parents had a very basic education, there was little paid work to be found and the family were living a difficult existence, undernourished and vulnerable in the slums of Batangyas in 1990 when the Sisters met them.

With the kindness of our donors, the Sisters were able to provide a place for Irenea at their girls school at Biga, near Cavite. With proper nourishment and access to healthcare and education Irenea thrived. She graduated from school into work, pursued a business degree and has now grown into a confident and accomplished young woman. She is talented at languages and works as an executive at the Brazilian Embassy in Cavite.

She has supported all her brothers and sisters through college and into work and continues to support her mother and father on a daily basis. She has lifted her entire family out of poverty.

“I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned in this school. May many many more poor children and their families be helped by World Villages for Children and the Sisters of Mary.”

Irenea Philippines