A nun writing in a notebook while standing next to a young boy

Early life and meeting the Sisters

Hussein comes from a broken family and, after his parents left him, he was taken into the care of his maternal grandparents when he was four years old. Hussein has other siblings but they live in the care of other people and he doesn’t know their names.

Hussein helps his grandparents, who are in their eighties, with fetching water, gathering firewood, cooking for them and caring for them. Hussein wants to help his community but the lack of access to quality education means that his options for sustainable employment are extremely limited.

Hussein met the Sisters recently on their community visits and now, thanks to our supporters, he has the opportunity to receive the quality education that means he can care for himself and his family. He will be one of the first boys at the new school in Dodoma. Without this support, Hussein would remain trapped in a cycle of poverty. Dodoma Boys’ School will be a lifeline for Hussein, giving him food, safe shelter, a quality academic and vocational education, alongside the dignity and agency he deserves as he progresses into adulthood.