Girl at school in Tanzania 2019 putting clothes into a cupboard
Happiness, so thrilled with her place at school, September 2019

Early Life and joining school with the Sisters of Mary

Happiness was born in 2005. One of two children, her father died when Happiness was very young and left the family extremely poor, relying on her mother to raise the little money she could to feed them. Due to this it was a very difficult life and her mother often went out to work for long periods, leaving Happiness alone but then returning without anything for the young family to eat.

Happiness met the Sisters in late 2018 and was offered a place at the new school for girls. After that meeting she joined the school in Kisarawe in May 2019 and we met her in September that year. She was keen to tell us how much she loved everything about her new life but particularly the food “because here you can eat everything, cake, ice cream! Eating ice cream for the birthday celebration was a revelation for Happiness and a source of enormous joy.

As soon as she joined school she was very motivated to study hard because she said “one day it will be my future”. Happiness found new ambitions and dreams of becoming president! Her favourite subjects were “maths and English and chemistry and computer studies and so very many other things”. Sister Maureen was her first mother sister, helping Happiness to settle into school and she said “I love Sister Maureen because she teaches me to live in society to be a good person.”

Girl with school bag showing books
Happiness, studies hard at school

Life at school

Happiness has thrived in her four years at our school in Kisarawe.

She has been an excellent, hardworking student and has made the most of the opportunities provided by our generous supporters. We caught up with her in September 2023.

She has flourished in and out of the classroom. She has made many new friends and the girls are firm friends, sharing everything together.

Happiness loves music, singing and dancing and sports. Her particular favourite is volleyball. She has also made great progress in her technical/vocational and academic classes and at the end of this year she will be one of the first group of 160 girls to graduate from the school equipped and ready for work or university. She is the best hope for a life free from poverty for her family.

She hopes to study politics at university. She is a happy and confident young woman and her future looks bright thanks to our supporters. She still wants to be President!

Happiness at school 2023