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Early life

Frandi is 13 years old from San Miguelito Intibuca, Honduras. He lives with his father, a construction worker and with three other siblings. He has had a difficult early life which he tells us in his own words:

“The story of my life is very unforgettable for the departure of my mother to the next life. I was five years old during that time. Having a sudden change of atmosphere, my mother had changed a lot, she got so thin and could not speak so much. I was in the kitchen, getting food for my sick mother, when I was to feed her, she told me in a very soft manner that she is about to die. I was crying, my father tries his best to bring her to the nearest hospital but my mother closed her eyes and died. They buried my beloved mother during my birthday.”

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Life at school

Frandi tried hard to help his father to earn money to feed the family by working in construction, helping him to carry tiles, moving loads and mixing cement. He also learned how to repair cars with one of his cousins. Despite this there was never enough money for food and Frandi was hungry and malnourished.

His future looked hopeless until late last year he met the Sisters of Mary. He says “something gave me hope and I knew that someday I would be different from others”.

This January we were delighted to welcome Frandi into a place at our boys’ school in Amarateca. He says “the opportunity to be here at the school of the Sisters of Mary gives me light from my past experience. And I’m so happy that I can study well and to have a better future. For my future I want to be a Mechanic Engineer.

Thank you so much for all those who are in contact with us through your donations. May God continue giving you blessing and to all your family.”

Frandi in sports uniform outside

November 2023

We caught up with Frandi in November 2023 to see how he is doing at school.

“At the beginning of my schooling, it was a sad moment to be far with my family, but little by little it was a wonderful and unforgettable moment for me and for my companions. I was able to know many friends from different places of my own country. And now, I realize how good to be here in this very beautiful and loving school for poor children like me. I even realize that I was no longer worried for my family because the sisters care for us and the good hearted people who continuously helping the Sisters of Mary continue their work.

With regards of my studies, it was a challenge for me to really study hard. Our teachers teach well and so I’m encourage to learn and to improve everyday. My grades from the first grading up to the fourth grading are ascending and I’m proud of it. Actually, I’m a little shy type of person but through my companions, I was able to know my abilities. How much I love arts, I love to draw natures, cars and many other things (my drawings are not that perfect but Arts is my favourite subject). Last September, I was able to participate a dance presentation, I love dancing too.”

“I’m very grateful for all of you and may God bless you always! It is a blessing for me to be here and I don’t have more words to express my gratitude. ”

Frandi Amarateca, Honduras