Evelyn - with on the job trainees
Evelyn with on the job trainees, Philippines

Early Life

Evelyn was born in Manaoag, Pangasinan in the Philippines, the eldest of five children from a very poor family. Life was hard for Evelyn until she was referred to the Sisters in 1991 by her Parish Priest and was offered a place at their school in Cavite.

She thrived at school in the care of the Sisters and made the most of her opportunity. She excelled in the academic studies and the vocational training. She says “I am grateful and thankful that the Sisters of Mary helped me and nurtured me not only in advance vocational training but also with good attitudes and values”. Her parents were thankful for the chance for their eldest daughter and so extremely grateful for the education she received from the Sisters and the values they shared with her.

Evelyn with Sister Amy

Life after school

On leaving school she was offered full time employment in Customer services at Regan Industrial Sales. Through her time with the company she has progressed and is now HR Manager for Regan and their sister companies. They have over 1000 employees and she regularly recruits graduates from the Sisters of Mary programmes because they are regarded as “smart, reliable and efficient”. She also provides on the job training opportunities for the final year children from the SoM’s schools.

Evelyn is now happily married, and has dedicated herself to sharing her success and caring for her extended family. She has paid for schooling and university for her brother and sisters to lift them out of poverty. They are now qualified and in successful careers working around the world thanks to her, the work of the Sisters and the commitment of the World Villages for Children supporters. She continues to help the next generation of her family supporting her nephews and nieces with healthcare and education.