Enrique standing next to a nun who is holding his baby

Visiting Chalco Girlstown, Mexico

“As a born Mexican I was drawn to the work of World Villages for Children and particularly Father Al’s mission in Mexico. I was profoundly moved when I had the chance to visit La Villa de las Niñas in Chalco for the first time back in 1999. I was impressed by the professional and caring outlook of the Sisters, the discipline of the girls and the educational institution they had created. It was my first experience to witness the work of a charity, physically seeing how every penny of every donation is wisely spent in a good cause, and in a very efficient fashion.

It was also a humbling experience to be received like a great friend, just because of my random and modest contributions. Thus, when life gave me the opportunity to undertake major feats of sporting endurance like running marathons, or swimming the English Channel in 2007, I did not hesitate to dedicate their charity appeal to the Sisters and World Villages for Children. I am proud to be somehow associated with their endeavours.”

a man swimming the channel in open water

Fundraising to support the children at the Sisters of Mary schools

“As you will see from the attached photos, we were always well received by the Sisters and children, and with a generosity that for me far exceeds the modest economic contributions I have been able to make through the years. I found the experience humbling, seeing the transformation of so many of these poorest children from my country into such a happy and fulfilled state. Able to enjoy lessons and learning all the skills they will need to find a good job after school. It was overwhelming and continues to make me smile knowing that my help will always be well received, and well used with the Sisters of Mary. It is intensely rewarding.

Supporting the children in the care of the Sisters continues to be my motivation as I face my next challenge to climb some of the highest mountains in Mexico. I started with Ajusco in 2021 (3,937m 12,917ft), last year we climbed La Malinche (4,420m, 14501 ft) and this year I plan to ascend to the top of Iztaccíhuatl (5,220m 17,126ft) in December 2023 to have the optimal conditions of visibility.”

We look forward to supporting Enrique and sharing details of this gruelling challenge over the coming weeks.