Edwin smiling in his uniform

My name is Edwin and I am 12 years old

“I have a twin called Cleofe and two other younger brothers. My parents are simple farmers who till the soil for us in order to survive.”

“In 2019, I tried to migrate to the United States with my father, hoping for a brighter future for my family, but it ended in despair. My mother, my twin and two other younger brothers stayed at home, and prayed for our safety.

During the journey, I saw and experienced many difficulties; the shortage of money, hunger, tiredness, lack of shelter and many others. I feared for our safety too because some people had guns and rifles; I thought it would be the end of my life.

When we reached the border of Mexico and the US, we travelled across the Rio Bravo by night in a plastic boat. After crossing the river, while walking, soldiers captured and brought us to prison. We were in one cell with many other migrants. The next day, they sent us back to Honduras by bus and returned home to my family. This migration experience took 22 days.”

Edwin and Cleofe sitting together in school uniform
Edwin (on the left) and Cloefe, January 2021

Life at school

When Edwin returned home it was a very difficult time for him. There was no improvement in the outlook for the family and in his absence the Sisters had visited the family and offered to help his brother Cleofe with a place at school in Amarateca. So Edwin was left to work alone with his father over the next year -helping him in the field, planting vegetables, harvesting and cleaning. There was no hope of a place at the local school for him.

Early in 2021 however, his dream came true when the Sisters met the family again during their community work. Seeing the desperate situation of Edwin, they offered him a place at the school and he joined in January 2021. He is now in Grade 8 and Cleofe is in Grade 9. He says “I need to catch up on all my missed studies to I can join his class”.

“I thank God every day for all the generous people who have helped me reach my dream. After my five years of education at the school I want to continue my studies in college. I want to be a mechanical engineer because I’m interested in cars and I want to have my own company someday. I hope that I can be a good professional  and lift up my poor family out of poverty.”