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Life before school

“My name is Denilson. I am originally from the region of Chiquimula. I study in zone 6, Guatemala City in the Experimental School with Occupational Orientation “Villa de los Ninos”: Sisters of Mary.

I am the older brother of 2 brothers, being clear they are my stepbrothers. My younger sister who is 3 years old and my brother who is 9 years old, my biological father abandoned us when I was still 5 months old, staying with my stepfather (father of my 2 brothers). Due to the situation in which I lived with my family, I had to live with my grandparents where we used to commonly harvest corn and beans. However, in the area where we lived, the land was not very fertile, so we had to move to another village where we could farm with better soil.”

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Life at School

“The climatic conditions were very hot so on many occasions we ran out of water, so we had to go elsewhere to look for water, but I did not go alone, we always accompanied us with my uncles and that was how once and for all we took the opportunity to wash the clothes of the family.

With my mother we used to sell vegetables and fruits, with this job we did not lack food at home, however this entailed a great sacrifice since we got up very early in the morning at 3:00 AM.

Due to our economic conditions, I thought that I would no longer study high school, but thanks to God and to you I continue studying here, which is a great blessing for me.

I want to graduate from the “Children’s Village” because I want to help my family and I want to be someone in life.

I want to be a police officer, continue studying, support my family and follow the example of Father Al, which is to help the poor without a roof or a home.

Thank God, you dear benefactors and especially Father Al for this great opportunity.”