Delmy, Sr Serafina family. Guatemala
Delmy, Sr Serafina family. Guatemala

Delmy, was born in 2003, in Jalapa, Guatemala and is the youngest of four children.

It was a poor and chaotic upbringing and as a young child Delmy did not enjoy good health requiring regular medical support which the family could ill afford.

Delmy was able to attend some early schooling and she loved her time at school and liked to participate but the family was too poor to afford further studies and middle school was out of the question. In late 2017 while out in the community Delmy met the Sisters of Mary  and learned of their work with the poorest children at the “Villa de las Niñas”.

With the kindness of our donors and friends we were able to fund a place at the school for Delmy and she joined the Sisters in the Sta Serafina family on January 09, 2018.   She is now well, growing strong and learning fast. She says “in my studies I have had new knowledge – with the help of the Sisters of Mary and the support of my Sta Serafina family they inspire me to move forward and fulfil my dreams and goals.”

Her favourite sport is football and she loves to practice it. She has also learned different types of crafts and sewing. She has made new friends and met girls from other states and with them she has learned to be loving, kind and understanding.

She says “One of my goals is to learn English to have better opportunities, and I would like to continue studying nursing at the university to be able to provide for my parents.  When I´ll have a job, I would like to help underprivileged children, give them the opportunity to study because study is the best inheritance one can have. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.”