Darely sitting with her grandmother

Early life

“I am Darely. My mother’s name is Mirna. I didn’t know my father’s name because in reality I never saw him and never lived with him. Before my twin sister and I were born, my father and mother had my elder sister. After our mother gave birth to us, my father left and later on when we turned one-year-old, our mother left us to work to sustain us.

She stopped helping us until we reached five years of age because she met another man and they had a baby girl. From that time on, our grandmother has been helping us and an aunt also supported our studies until grade three. When my twin sister completed her 13 years of age, she went with a man, got pregnant and now she has a four-month old baby.”

Young girl at school

Supported by her grandmother

“I was left with my grandmother who supported me only until grade four because she could no longer help me. My aunt had seen in me the desire to continue my studies, she promised me to support me until grade six, if and only if, I will work in the kitchen and do the other household chores in her house.

I accepted this great challenge though it was not easy for me. In the morning, I had to wake up early and did the household chores before going to school. Upon returning from school, I did my homework and did my duty to clean, cook and wash. This was my daily routine until I reached finally in grade six.

When I was told that there will be an opportunity to be able to come here and study in the Sisters of Mary Girlstown. I was very happy and interested upon knowing this. I decided to tell to my grandmother about this and she accompanied me to the place where the Sisters were conducting the entrance interviews. I was indeed very happy and thankful to God for giving this great opportunity. My aunt helped me in my bus fare coming here.”

Darely hugging a fellow student while holding plush toys

Life at school

“Now that I am here, I am very fine, happy and contented, living and learning a lot of things. We are enjoying a lot with my companions. The sisters and the teachers are teaching us very patiently. I am trying my best to study hard and finish my studies. If God wills, I will be able to graduate and pursuit my dreams. In like manner, I will also like to help others like what our donors and benefactors are doing to us and to me personally.

With a grateful heart, I would like to say, “Thank you very much for helping me and my companions and the Sisters of Mary School.” I will always pray to God for you that He may send His abundant blessings upon you that you may continue each day with great enthusiasm to help those who are in need like us. Thank you once again. Thank you very much!”