Young woman in Brazil in white medical coat

Life after the Sisters of Mary school in Brasilia

Daiane had a very difficult early life. Her childhood was spent in extreme poverty until, in 2010,she met the Sisters of Mary and we were able to offer her a place at our school for girls in Brazil (Brasilia).

In the care of the Sisters she thrived at school, focused on working hard to make the most of the opportunity, and particularly enjoyed the vocational training. She developed a passionate interest in nursing and became a part of the school’s Nursing studies group. She graduated in December, 2015.

Over the following years she worked hard and courageously to keep focused on her vocation. She earned a scholarship to go onto University and whilst studying she worked as a staff nurse. She finally finished college in December 2021 and was promoted to Chief Nurse. Now 27, she is thriving in her nursing career as a nurse in the Orthopaedic Hospital in Goiânia. She specialises in different areas including Emergency, also working as a Coordinator in the Medical Clinic.

She says “Though many years have passed since I graduated but still I continue practicing and living all that I have learned. What help me more to reach where I am now is the discipline that I have learned with the Sisters of Mary”.