Clara sitting in outdoor garden wearing a blue jumper and pink scarf

Early Life

Clara is a graduate of the Sisters of Mary programmes in Guatemala. She is one of 10 children in her family, raised in terrible poverty in Sololá, near Lake Atitlan.

The Sisters of Mary met Clara on one of their early community visits in July 2000 and were able to offer her a place at our school for girls that year. Clara thrived at school and on leaving the programme in 2004 went on to study Maths and Physics at University. She became a teacher.


Teacher showing physics calculations
Clara teaching physics, Guatemala Girlstown, Zona 13

Life after school

Clara developed a successful career as a teacher and she was keen to share her skills with the Sisters to help other vulnerable children. She re-joined the school in Guatemala as Maths and Physics teacher five years ago.

Now well established in the role in Zona 13 she feels blessed to have had the support of our donors to help her change  her life. She shares her knowledge with the new children at the school and also ensures that she cares for her many brothers and sisters.

So far she has supported all her family through school, paying to put them all through university and to help them into work. She also supports all their siblings as they start out in the world -spreading the impact of her success through generations of her family. In fact she tells us that more than 25 members of her family can now thank our donors for their new lives free from poverty.