Cintia playing basketball

Cintia is the eldest of three children and from a very poor family

Cintia had a violent upbringing which culminated in her father’s desertion of her family leaving her mother to farm in order to support them all. The living was poor and the family were always hungry, Cintia was desperate to do something to help her mother and “to have education in order find a good job later on”.

In 2021 the Sisters met Cintia during their community work and were able to offer her a life-saving place at the school. She joined us in August last year and is loving her time in our care in what she calls ‘a real home for all’, but with little early education she speaks no Spanish and the early months have been challenging for her. She says “I have difficulty in speaking in Spanish, but I am trying my best to be good every day. I want to give example to my younger brothers and sisters, that one day I can be of help for them.”

With the care of the Sisters, teachers and her new classmates Cintia will thrive at school and learn everything she needs to find her way in the world. In her own words  “the sisters always try to help us every time we are in need. And also, I am grateful with my classmates. They are really willing to help me understand things that I couldn’t during classes -they always encourage me”.

Cintia is finally enjoying a childhood and learning new skills at school which will help her to find work in the future. Thanks to the support of our donors she finally has new confidence and hope for the future – she dreams of becoming a  teacher.

“I thank our donors who are helping us a lot in order for us to improve our lives. I can only offer my prayers for you. I also pray that you will continue helping more poor children, so that, like me they can learn many things and have a way to change their lives”

Cintia Chalco Girlstown, Mexico