Baracka standing with two nuns while his mother sits on the floor

Early Life

Baracka is 11 years old and lives with his mother and younger brother in Hombolo village, on the outskirts of Dodoma.

She has been severely affected by polio and is unable to walk. She found it challenging to work and raise enough money to feed her two children.

Now that Baracka’s sister has grown up and left home his mother supports Baracka by taking in sewing. Work is infrequent and so there is little money to support them both and Baracka frequently missed meals. There was no money to send him to secondary school.

The Sisters met Baracka and his mother in early 2023 and were troubled by their difficulties. He was one of the first young boys to be offered a place at the new school in Dodoma and he joined as the doors opened in August 2023.

boys in front of workshops
Left to right: Baracka, Aneck, Matei (back), Method

Life at school

Baracka joined the Sisters of Mary school in Dodoma in August 2023. We met him in September.

In the care of the Sisters he is recovering from his difficult early life, studying hard, eating everything that we can provide for him and growing fast. He loves his time at school and he is determined to pass his exams and be successful so that he can help his mother.

We were privileged to meet Baracka’s mother during a visit to his community and the pride shown by his mother shines through.

Thank you for your help in making this life changing chance possible for this family.