Angel standing with her father and Sister in a lean to with cooking equipment

Early Life

Angel came to the Sisters from a poor family with many children. Finding enough money to buy food was difficult and her siblings left school to support their family in selling food, to help earn a little money. Angel tells us her story and her hopes for the future:

My name is Angel from The Sisters of Mary School in the Philippines, I am part of St. Jane Family. I am third of four siblings. My parents are simple barbeque vendors but the little they gain is not even enough for the house rent- we don’t have house of our own.

When I was in elementary, I woke up early to help my parents to prepare the things for selling. Sometimes we don’t have enough food to eat and don’t have enough to buy things we need for school and so my elder brother has to stop schooling to be able to help my parents.

Angel with Sister-Mother Molina at School

At school

In 2021, Angel met the Sisters and was accepted to the school.

I consider this as a big opportunity. I was accepted and I was given a set of uniforms, school supplies and personal things.

I am very grateful for this opportunity and here I learned a lot, I learn how to value my studies, and develop my skills. Someday, I want to become an engineer. I must strive hard and enhance my skills in every opportunity I could. I want to help my family and the Sisters of Mary.

Angel has dreams of becoming an engineer, something that was totally out of her reach before she was accepted to the Biga Girlstown. We are excited for Angel’s future and are so hopeful that she will achieve her dreams.