boy with nun

Aneck's early life

Aneck lives with his family in the Mpwapwa District of Dodoma.

He has two younger sisters and a brother, they all help to make a little living by farming but the land is poor and the crops have failed. The family are hungry and desperate.

Sister Ascella who is one of the first new sisters in Tanzania visited the family in June.

Thanks to our supporters, Sr Ascella was able to offer Aneck a place at the new boys school in Dodoma and he joined in September.

boys in front of workshops
Left to right: Baracka, Aneck, Matei (back), Method

A new start

With your kindness, Aneck is able to enjoy so many new things here at school.

Now that he has joined the Sisters of Mary school he has a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. He has three good nutritious meals a day and, for the first time, he is able to enjoy the freedom and joy of childhood.

He is making lots of new friends, playing games and he has started regular lessons in English and Maths.

Preparing for school life in Dodoma Boys’ School

For the next five months Aneck will study pre-Form 1 subjects in the morning with Mr Musa Jastine (Maths) and Ms Rosemary Helman (English) and then in January 2024 he will start full time lessons ready to work towards his full secondary certificate.

He owes this opportunity to you, our supporters. With your generosity you have made his school place and his new start possible and you will help him to learn what he needs to change his life and to help his family onto a better future.

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Nun writing with boy