girls standing in front of mud hut in Tanzania

Early life

“In our family, we are four children. We are all daughters. I am the eldest of among those four children. My mother and my father are working in a farm in order to get money for us to get our basic needs and for school activities, like to buy uniform. I was already knowing the impact of studying like maybe to help my parents, so going to school, I was walking one hour and half. Total is three hours per day.

My life before meeting the Sisters of Mary School was not easy. I was not sure whether I could continue my studies after Primary School because we are really poor.”

girl hanging mosquito net

Life at school

“Here in the Sisters of Mary, there is free electricity and also I have my own chair and also I have my own books and my bag. I have a lot of friends here in Sisters of Mary because my friends, they like to run like me. I like to run because I make my body to be strong. If I run and I’ll be the first one, I’ll be happy because I know in my ambition I can succeed. My favourite subject is electrical because I want to make my own business about electrical, and it will help the people who don’t have electricity. I know through the Sisters of Mary I can complete my ambition.

It is really a great privilege to be studying here at the Sisters of Mary. Here my good future is prepared. In my future I would like to be a business woman because for now I study commerce, a subject that helps me to be a business woman, I would like to get money and use it also to help others. I am very interested to learn the vocational training courses that the School is offering us especially in the Electrical Installation. I can apply what I learn and find job and even to continue with my higher studies if I can get more money.”

Anastazia's Story