A nun speaking with two people with a notebook in her hand. They are beside an oil drum filled with liquid
Nov. Assela (right) talking to Adson and his mother about making Ujimbi at their home in Tanzania

Early Life

Adson is the third of seven children, three boys and four girls. Of his siblings, he is the only one to have completed primary education.

Adson’s father passed away 12 years ago due to poor health and their single mother supports the whole family. They  live in the eastern part of the Dodoma region in central Tanzania. It is dry and semi-desert, making their rural life difficult.

The only way Adson’s mother can make a living is by making and selling a local drink called “Ujimbi”, a drink made from millet, which the family grow in their small garden, along with corn and beans to eat, during the short rainy season. Adson helps his mother whenever he can.

a nun with an open notebook talks with two people beside an oil drum set above a cold fire

Meeting the Sisters

Access to secondary education has been impossible for Adson and so he will be 16 years old when he joins our school later this summer but he considers himself the luckiest of his brothers and sisters, as thanks to the Sisters he will finally be able to go to secondary school.

He met Sr Assela when she visited their region earlier this year. With funding from our friends and supporters, he will have the opportunity to learn and receive a quality, free education with the Sisters in Dodoma at the new boys’ school.

Without this new school, Adson will not be able to access secondary school, and his opportunities in life will be limited. With the Sisters, Adson will receive the protection provided by a place at school; safe shelter,  three nutritious meals a day, healthcare, a quality education and practical training.

This will help him learn the skills he needs to find a good job, set him up for the future and allow him to support his siblings and other people in his community. His life and that of his family will be changed for ever, thanks to you.

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