Buy a brick and change a life


Can you help build a new multi-purpose training centre for young, unemployed and unskilled women from the poorest communities in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania? 

This desperately needed new centre will provide the women with accredited vocational training in sewing or commercial cookery. There will also be a fully-equipped day-care facility to care for their young children while they learn.

The project follows a successful pilot based at the Sisters’ new secondary girls’ school in Dar es Salaam which has been running since 2018. The pilot has been significant in helping young women provide for their families with their newly acquired skills.

The demand for the centre far outstrips the 20 places that are currently available and the facilities are limited.

By “buying a brick” today you will be directly changing the future for hundreds of young women and their children, giving them the chance to succeed and become financially independent.

There are three brick options for you to buy which will change lives for ever: Bronze (£50), Silver (£100) and Gold (£200).


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Children in Tanzania holding bricks

Can you help the people of Tanzania?

3D render of Day care centre

3D image of the new centre will look


“My name is Casta. I studied for three months at the Sisters of Mary Training Centre from November 2018 to February 2019. I went there without knowledge in sewing but now I am very skilled to cut cloth to make skirts, dresses, and different fashion clothes. After completing the training, the Sisters helped us to get money to buy a sewing machine. Now that I have it, I am accepting orders to sew customised clothes from some ladies nearby our place and sometimes, the Sisters also give me some uniforms to sew. Now I am able to support myself, my siblings and family.

Casta sitting at a sewing table

Casta now sewing clothes for her community

“With the Sisters of Mary here in Tanzania, they help many poor girls like me to have means of livelihood, while staying at home. Before I was just doing nothing and just depending on others to eat and provide my needs, but now I can even help a little to others too. From our training in sewing, the Sisters have given us an opportunity. Lastly, I like to give thanks to the Sisters for showing us love from the beginning of our training until now. We are very thankful to them because they taught us to love others and help them in their needs.”

Will you buy a brick today?