two girls with nun wearing masks

Early Learning in Brazil

Day care centres in Brasilia and São Paulo provide nursery care on a daily basis to youngsters aged 3-5 from these regions.  In 2024 are a total of 243 boys and girls in the care of the Sisters in these two facilities.

The children receive the care of qualified nursery teachers and sisters. They enjoy two full meals a day and a drink of milk, play activities and have the chance to make new friends and receive foundational learning which will give them a better start in life.


two nursery aged girls in blue uniforms sit on swings in a green garden

Supporting the poorest families with free education

The day care facility allows impoverished young mothers in the most deprived communities to work and earn money to feed their families whilst their vulnerable youngsters are well taken care of.

The children arrive at 8am and stay with the Sisters until approximately 4.30 pm. They are safe and well taken care of and have the regular nutrition and the stimulation that they need to grow and flourish.

The children can begin to develop their social skills; they learn how to communicate with others and listen and they begin to learn the reading and writing skills which they will need for later life.