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Vanessa smiling while sitting at her desk in class

In March 2002, construction was completed and we were able to welcome girls onto our first programme in Brasilia, Brazil.

The capacity of this programme was expanded in 2003  and our Brasilia Girlstown (Escola vila das crianças) now provides secondary education to 847 young girls aged 11-18. The girls receive full-time care, three regular meals a day, full healthcare support and have access to onsite facilities which include vocational training workshops, sports facilities, a large gymnasium with a stage and a dental clinic that provides support to the girls at school and the local community.

From a chaotic early life, the girls at our schools in Brazil can begin to enjoy their childhood, regain their health, thrive at school and learn the skills they need to build a productive future for themselves and their families.

Girls running a race

The girls have a full academic and vocational curriculum

Accredited by the Ministry of Education, the technical specialisms include culinary arts, dressmaking, dental hygiene and nursing so the girls are work-ready with relevant skills. There are many vacancies for nurses and dentists in Brazil and the girls have great success in achieving work in these sectors. As with all our other schools, the girls are energetic, keen to learn and are supported to enjoy a full programme of leisure activities.

97 girls finished school and graduated into work in December 2022, with 172 new very deprived girls starting school in January 2023.


Bank of computers with people in medical gear on one side

All the schools play an important part in the life of the communities in which they work

The Sisters and children utilise their skills wherever they can. This was never more evident than during the pandemic where our children supported local hospitals with the production of PPE made in their sewing classes. The Brazil girls were no exception in helping their communities during this difficult time and were keen to use their administration and nursing skills to help out with the delivery of the vaccination campaign in their local community in September.

The school in Brasilia also offers a Day-Care Centre so young children aged 3-5 years old can be cared for, allowing their mothers to work. The Centre is a valuable resource for local families in the community and welcomes children from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. It is similar to the programme running in São Paulo. The children receive regular meals, the chance for play and early learning. 73 young children currently attend the Day Care Centre although the waiting list for this facility is much longer.



Girls in school in 2023


Girls graduated in 2022


New girls accepted in 2023