Solar panels on roof, Philippines 2018
Solar panels work in progress 2018

Big Give funding

With the support of our generous donors, 2018 has seen the installation of new 100KWp solar panels for the Sisters of Mary girls school in Biga, Philippines.

The project was funded by generous donations raised raised during the year together with the gifts to our Big Give 2017 digital appeal matched by the Coles Medlock Foundation. It forms part of the sustainability strategy for the Sisters of Mary schools.

The solar panels support greater use of clean, renewable energy at the schools. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of the schools by generating renewable energy onsite. Long term, this will be a sustainable source of energy for the school. They also realise operating cost savings (particularly with the electricity bill) that will help us make better use of donor funding for new school places for more children.

Sister Maria with architects standing on the roof alongside solar panels
Solar Panel - Inauguration Nov 2018

Long term sustainability

The 100 kwp capacity is composed of 328 units solar panels that were installed on the upper roof of the Gymnasium of the girls school. It is estimated that the installation of these solar panels will reduce the electricity bill by at least 10% which is a substantial cost saving for the school.

The project was carried out by SOLAR PHILIPPINES COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP PROJECTS INC. which has extensive technical expertise and experience with renewable energy and their solar farm located at Calatagan Batangas , with a capacity of 63.3 Megawatt, supplies the entire Western Batangas.

The project which started in May this year was completed in October and the panels had an official inauguration with special guests and overseen by Sister Maria Cho.