Sister Elena standing in the middle of a group of boys wearing blue sportswear.

Sister Elena visits Mexico and Honduras

Following Easter and her appointment as Superior General, Sister Elena has been travelling to all the schools around the world and started her travels in Honduras, and Mexico.

She met with the Sisters, students and staff in these schools, providing support, catching up on all the progress and learning about the challenges that face them in the months ahead. She is loved and respected in all the countries and everyone was absolutely delighted to greet her, share their stories and make her welcome.




Boys in uniform form a half circle around a boy planting a sapling

Earth Day

Elsewhere at the programmes, with the support of our friends and donors, the children grew healthy, loved learning and flourished.

In Guatemala, the Zona 13 girls received vocational guidance and took part in an entrepreneurship fair to get ready for the world of work and the boys in Zona 6 took part in a Red Cross drawing competition.

The Ministry for Environment in Guatemala also visited Zona 6 Boys to help our children mark Earth Day by planting trees at the school.

The children at both schools enjoyed family visiting day at the end of April. Families from throughout Guatemala came to both schools to visit their children and admire their progress. It was a special, fun-filled day and a chance to catch up with their loved ones.

Family group with girl waving
Family Day, Chalco, 2023

Growing and learning

In Honduras, Philippines and Mexico the boys and girls have been extra busy and enjoying everything that school has to offer.

In Tegucigalpa (Honduras) some of our youngest girls were overall winners in the local swimming competition.

The boys in Adlas (Philippines) were busy in the gardens, learning about agriculture and growing crops to help the Sisters with the food budget. They were also lively competitors in the Grand CPAPS Talent festival which includes competitions in Chess and other educational board games. They emerged as champions from 40 participating schools.

In Mexico the boys in Guadalajara were triumphant, winning gold and silver in the maths olympiad (Olimpiada Estatal de Matematicas 2023) as well as gold, silver and bronze in Athletics. The girls at Chalco were also winners in various sports competitions including handball, basketball and hockey. They were also thrilled to see their families on Visiting day.


A nun stands with two children beside a rattan shack

Meeting Children in Brazil, Tanzania and the Philippines

In Brazil, Tanzania, and the Philippines, the Sisters carried out more community visits in April and shared their accounts with us.

The Sisters travel hundreds of miles to meet the poorest children, often putting themselves in harm’s way to reach the most remote regions. Thousands of boys and girls greet them in each location, desperate for the chance of a place at school.

These children have nowhere to turn and no hope without our help. The children and families are keen to share the stories of their lives with the Sisters and their difficulties are overwhelming. From flooding in Brazil which closed all primary schools for 6 months, to the two siblings who wake up at 4am to get to a remote school but must travel with a machete for protection. This is the reality of the barriers faced by the poorest children.