A group of boys wearing beekeeper gear next to bee hives

Sustainability at our schools

Reducing outgoings and better use of resources to protect the planet are a key priority at all our schools and this month, in Mexico, the boys in Guadalajara have started to study apiculture (Beekeeping)!

Keeping bees is a brand new endeavour at the school and part of the agriculture activities to help the Sisters supplement the food budget for the boys. Overseen by the teachers and the Sisters, the boys are loving the new initiative. Working together as a team they are learning a whole new set of skills and making the schools more sustainable for the future so we can stretch the funds our generous donors provide and be less affected by fluctuations in food prices.

Boys standing by a table filled with books inside a warehouse

On the job training/Work experience

A key part of the Sisters’ education programmes is the emphasis on getting our graduates into fairly paid, stable work. Building a dignified existence for themselves with employment is key to a poverty free future for our children and their families. The Sisters provide on the job training, work experience and job fairs at the schools so that the children can meet future employers, learn valuable job skills and gain experience that will stand them in good stead when it comes to finding employment.

In April, our boys in Guadalajara, Mexico participated in On-the-Job Training (OJT) to use the skills they have learned at school in a real work setting. In Talisay, Philippines and Zona 6, Guatemala, the girls and boys participated in tours of local companies who would like to hire them once they graduate. The Sisters ensure that these companies are a safe and reliable place for the graduates to work by participating in inspections and tours.

Girls in sports gear

Sports Achievements

April was a hugely successful month for sporting achievements at the schools with the children in the Philippines participating in several national sporting events during the month. The children won medals in several categories, showing once again how they excel both in and out of the classroom!

Each child spends their free time at school pursuing their preferred hobbies, so all the children who you see winning medals in sports like Taekwondo and Athletics are putting in hard work to succeed at something they love.

The early life of our children is overshadowed by their struggle to survive and so as part of a healthy early life we encourage our children not just to study, but to have fun, enjoy their childhood and discover their talents.

A group of boys standing next to solar panels

Support for our Green strategy

We are very grateful to Energies Sans Frontières who this month donated solar panels to our boys’ school in Tanzania. This generous donation helps our schools become even more sustainable. They will supply free electricity for our new school and in turn contribute to our wider strategy of reducing our school’s carbon footprint.

This not only helps us to save money through the use of green energy initiatives but also reinforces our responsibility to the children to provide a cleaner world for them to live in.