With your help, despite the challenges in the world, 2022 was a year of great progress at the Sisters of Mary schools.

Nearly 20,000 children received an accredited academic and vocational education and full time care in 11 schools, 5 nurseries and 1 training centre in the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras and Tanzania. This included early years day-care for 499 vulnerable pre-primary youngsters, and new vocational training for 200 young women in Tanzania.

End of year highlights 2022

Some of our favourite and most memorable moments from 2022!

Your support

You, our supporters, made all this possible. Your donations helped us to provide all the everyday essentials needed by the children including food, clothing, shoes, accommodation, hygiene, medical and learning supplies needed by the boys and girls to help them enjoy a proper childhood, grow well and learn in safety.

In addition, in 2022, you provided the vital funds needed to help the Sisters with repairs, maintenance and new planning for the future, this included the new louvre windows at the school in the Philippines replaced after the damage caused by Typhoon Rai in 2021, new training equipment, computers, engineering tools and upgraded classrooms and workshops to support learning and good future employment for all the children.

With this support, our students have hope for the future and are prepared to face any challenges as they forge ahead and transform their lives.

A Christmas thank you from our children

A thank you from our children for the wonderful Christmas that you made possible with your support!