A brighter future, created for, and by, children.

Education is key to ending poverty and every child deserves equal access to learning. World Villages for Children supports the Sisters of Mary to run live-in schools providing care and a quality education for the most deprived boys and girls across the world.

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Petro's story

Petro is the fourth of six children from Manyara, near Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

His family are farmers and they struggle to earn enough to buy daily food for the family. Their livelihood is dependent  on good rain for farming. The family live in a precarious position, constantly on the edge of hunger and deprivation. Petro struggled to access primary school and regularly went without food at school.

When Petro was ten years old, he became very sick with malaria. His father had to borrow money to pay for Petro’s hospitalisation and thankfully he survived.

When Petro came to Dodoma Boystown, his life changed dramatically.

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Our work in the Philipines

Learn more about how our programmes around the world work, with a glimpse into the day-to-day of our Philippines programmes.

Credit: Filmed and edited by Jordan and Cassie Timpy of Agape Visuals – www.agapevisuals.com

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You can make all the difference to a group of children in our schools by making a regular gift to help them through their education journey. By signing up to Sponsor a Family you can provide lifesaving care and education for children in a family group.

Your gifts will help provide vital support for the costs of keeping each child fed, clothed, and educated and help us welcome new children into our care.

However you choose to help, by joining Sponsor a Family, you can make a lasting difference for the poorest children in the world.

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Your donations help us to provide education for the world’s poorest children. They help us to fund school places and the everyday care needed for boys and girls who are without hope. See the difference your monthly or single gift can make to the lives of the children in our care:

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2023 in numbers

333 million

Children across the globe live in extreme poverty

These children are deprived of the basics for survival like food, shelter and healthcare


New children welcomed into a life-saving place at school in 2023

Children from some of poorest countries worldwide now live and learn in our schools


Children in our schools worldwide in 2023

These children have shelter, care and learn the vital skills needed to secure employment

Irenea Philippines

“I’m so grateful for all that I’ve learned in this school. May many many more poor children and their families be helped by World Villages for Children and the Sisters of Mary.”

Luis Guatemala

“Honestly, without the excellent education provided for me by World Villages for Children, I would not be where I am now with my job and my ability to help my family live a better life.”

Arturo Mexico

“I shall never have enough words to thank the people who make possible the mission of the Sisters of Mary, as I am the living proof of how their donation can transform lives”

Dora Guatemala

“It is such great joy to know about you dear donors. I don’t want to miss the chance to thank you for all you have done for me and you keep doing for every girl in need.”

Eva Honduras

“I thank the benefactors for their generosity. Like them, I will also be a source of joy to others when I graduate”

David Zona 6, Guatemala

“I owe my success to the Sisters of Mary, they're a great part of my life & I know that without them I wouldn’t be where I am now and I wouldn’t be able to help my family and get them out of poverty.”

Children’s stories